Friday, 15 February 2013

My new project

I've always wanted to make my own clothes, and my new years resolution for this year is to make a whole bunch of pretty tops to wear this summer, so this weekend I'm going to start just that!

In the past I have rushed through patterns because I've wanted to wear it straight away, and I get too impatient, therefore once the garment is finished, it looks a bit rubbish, and doesn't fit right!

So this weekend I'm going to take my time, and if I don't finish it, it doesn't matter because I won't be wearing it until the summer (maybe April with a cardigan ;)

I'm lucky enough to get on really well with the company director at my job, and I had her help me choose out the fabric for some fun tops. The best thing about working for a fabric company is getting to drool over the fabric :D

How cute is that trifle sundae fabric?! I was also really lucky to find we do two different colour red zips and each of them match either fabric perfectly! 

I think I'm going to use the red/black polka dot fabric for pattern A (top left) and the trifle sundae fabric for either pattern E (top right) or pattern B (bottom right)

Has anyone sewn this pattern before? Does anyone have any tips? Would you go by the size on the back or would you take measurements? I don't think on this I am too worried about the fit because as I said it is for the summer and I'm not one for tight fitting tops!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

How to make a cover button bobby pin!

How to make cover button bobby pins:-
These are super cute for little gifts, that look great and cost little, all you need are some bobby pin blanks, some left over bobby pins, a drop of water, some fabric scaps and a hot glue gun (with glue, duh)
 I'm using a prym cover button maker with prym cover buttons, on the back of the packaging is a template so you know what size circle of fabric you need for the size of cover button that you are using, I'm using 19mm. 

First you will need to rummage through your scraps bag for a lovely piece of what-you-thought-was-rubbish fabric. Trace the circle you cut out of the packaging that corresponds with the cover button you are going to use. I cut two because I like matching pairs :-)

Then because I'm putting the button onto a bobby pin blank, I need to remove the shank of the button, which is really easy, I just use an old pair of scissors and lever it up.

Now the secret trick about making great cover buttons it to dampen the fabric before you apply it, then leave it to dry out in an airing cupboard, this makes the fabric shrink ever so slightly to make it tighter over the button. 
Now you'll need to grab the rubber peice of the button maker and then central put the fabric over the right sized hole for your button and then press the front part of the button in to it, like so:
 Then you will have to fold the excess fabric down on top...
   This is where the button will come together, now you need to place the back piece of the cover button on top, now depending on the manufacturor this may look different (just follow their *basic* instructions)
Now the rigid peice of the button make goes on top to sandwich the button, I recommend doing this on  a hard surface, your button will be formed when you hear a click!
Excuse my marker covered fingers!
This is the outcome :

If you're just making a button, don't remove the shank, and this will be where you have finished and created a cute button, to make the bobby pin you will need it at the ready
You're going to now turn the button on its front and apply a bead of hot glue onto the dip, then you will press the bobby pin glue bad onto it, hold until it sets...

You're all done! Look how cute they are!

 I got my bobby pins from ebay, they came really fast: click here!

Sunday, 30 September 2012

I need some Fabric Rehab

Fabric Rehab is an online fabric shop, they sell beautiful fabrics at reasonable prices. I've never ordered from them before but I saw they had new fabrics in, everytime in the past that i've gone to order it's been out of stock (sob!)

The postage charges were extremely good and it turned up within a couple of days.

The fabric is a great quality - it's so nice that i'm not going to use it! into the stash it goes ;-)

Saturday, 29 September 2012

The Wonderful City of Bath, Somerset.

So today I went to Bath to visit my dear old school friend Becca, she took me around all the fabric and haberdashery shops in the city centre, and I fell in love, this is definitely somewhere I could see myself living! :-)

Becca has her own blog, where she posts about all the crafty things she's been up to, she knits all sorts of wonderful goodies, you should go and check her out here!

Recently I've been wanting to make a quilt and I've been keeping my eye out for moda charm packs, they're quite expensive (well maybe I'm just a cheapskate). Becca took me to a quilters shop called Country Threads where I found some moda charm packs for just £9 each, so I got a couple! :-)

I love little shops full or ribbons and other cute chic little treasures and Becca knew just the place, as soon as I walked over the threshold I proclaimed "I could live here!"
The tiny little shop called The Makery is a wonderful treasure trove full of little buttons, ribbon, bias binding, ric rac braid, and trinkets. Although it was lovely it was a little bit pricey so I kept my spending to a minimum.
The little metal charms were 5 for £1 and the middle lot of 'made with <3' ribbon was 75p p/m, and the little star buttons were 20p each.
You can buy from The Makery online here.

We also went to an inside market stall called 'Sew and Sew' where I purchased the cupcake ribbon at 60p p/m and the other made with ribbon at 90p p/m.

I didn't really spend alot due to some stuff at work I have to buy on Monday but I can't wait to get making little gifts for Christmas.

It's suddenly feeling very wintery outside, time to snuggle up with a cup of tea I think.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Craft and Couture

I stumbled upon this shop in Wimborne Dorset where they sell Michael Miller (WOOOP) fabric, so I went and bought some, but I couldn't afford to buy full meters (boohoohoo :'( ) 

This place is situated on the riverside area of Wimborne next door to the Riverside cafe (they do a good fry-up in there), I was so excited I had to buy something/anything :-) there's no stopping me sometimes!

The fabric was around £12 p/m and the really cute grosgrain ribbon was £1.20 p/m.

The lady who runs the shop is really lovely and is happy to help! :-)

Friday, 21 September 2012

And sew it begins

My name is Katie, i'm 21 and I come from Ringwood in Hampshire, UK. I have a keen interest in sewing, mostly for children, and collecting fabric that I love so much that I don't want to use :-) and I hoard buttons like crazy!

I will be writing about shops that I discover and little treasures I find along the way. I will show you fabric I buy and tutorials on how to make cool things from scratch, but also transform old clothing into something new!

This blog will be full of surprises not only for you, but for me too, 

Are you coming along for the ride?